Planet Background


Sleep away in residence

Stay at one of our resorts this summer for hands-on lessons, studio practice and social activities.

Balanced daily schedule

Activity times vary

8 AM

Wake up to a hearty buffet of assorted hot and cold items

9 AM

Level up through hands-on curriculum with a live instructor

11 AM
Low Tech Rec

Unplug and take a swim, shoot hoops or play some cards

1 PM

Choose pizza slices or build your own salad or sandwich

2 PM

Put your skills into practice through exercises and projects

4 PM
Console Combat

Grab a controller and battle your way to leaderboard glory

5 PM

Order food off the dinner menu of a local-area restaurant

6 PM
Bonus Level

Play games or enjoy some free time in our gaming lab

9 PM

Enjoy some time with your cabinmates before lights out

Game development courses

Graphic art

Ages 10–18

Learn to model game assets. Game artists produce coherent artwork to complement a game’s mood and style.

Game design

Ages 10–18

Learn to design game mechanics. Game designers invent how a game functions and flows from beginning to end.


Ages 12–18

Learn to write game code. Game programmers implement a design and import assets to develop a playable game.


Ages 16–18

Learn to work effectively with children, peers and supervisors. Trainees develop skills to succeed as a camp counselor.

Supervised resort environment

We campify upscale, extended-stay facilities:

Meeting rooms become computer labs and apartment-style suites become cabins, each with multiple bed- and bathrooms, separate living areas and housekeeping service.

Carefully vetted counselors supervise campers 100% of the time, even escorting them activity to activity.

Each counselor supervises no more than 6 campers at a time and carries a 2-way radio for backup.

All counselors are at least 18 years old, trained in first aid and emergency action, and the swimming pool is lifeguarded.


Available this summer

5-day/6-night sessions, room & board included

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