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Educational game studio for kids and teens

Turn video game ideas into reality at Game Camp Nation! Through summer camps and year-round online lessons, we deliver engaging courses to aspiring game designers, programmers and artists of all skill levels.

Human development environment

Fuel your future

Prepare for college and career since we focus on foundations rather than everchanging technology.

Sharpen your skills

Improve STEM proficiency as you practice creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

Boost your confidence

Move from hesitation to independence with hands-on learning that sparks a sense of accomplishment.

Welcoming community

Get support

Amazingly small classes allow for plenty of help and individual attention from faculty.

Make friends

Family-sized groups and attentive counselors foster interactions that form connections.

Have fun

Enthusiastic staff make every effort to provide an enjoyable experience to participants.

Talented faculty who don’t act like rock stars

Learn from our approachable experts. Our instructors are concerned less with being #1 themselves and more with putting their students first.

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