Planet Background

3D graphics

Enter the next dimension

Learn to build and animate three-dimensional models with visual effects. 3D artists produce artwork for games and movies.

Progressive curriculum

Learn the basics of modeling, effects and animation

  • Navigate 3D computer graphics software
  • Create objects with convincing organic geometry
  • Assemble an environment
  • Add lighting and texturing to objects
  • Render scenes
  • Create fire and smoke effects
  • Simulate dynamic cloth and realistic fluids
  • Understand animation principles and workflows

Learn best practices as you create full-fledged animatable character rigs from start to finish

  • Model complex surfaces
  • Generate texture maps for objects
  • Understand character modeling workflow
  • Create and animate character rigs
  • Develop advanced scenes

Learn what you need to finish your game project masterpiece

  • Choose your own adventure

Student-centered instruction

Multimedia tutorials with self-paced progression

Challenging exercises to solidify and evaluate understanding

Individual, small group and large team projects spanning sessions or even seasons

One on one help

User-friendly tools



Streamlined interface for 3-dimensional art and animation projects, made by artists

Autodesk Maya


Industry standard for 3-dimensional modeling, animation, rigging and visual effects

Adobe Photoshop


Industry standard for digital art and editing in most visual design workflows

Ways to take this course


Ages 9–19

Go online year-round for hands-on lessons.


As private lessons for ages 9–19

Visit one of our resorts this summer for hands-on lessons, studio practice and social activities.


As private lessons for ages 9–19

Stay at one of our resorts this summer for hands-on lessons, studio practice and social activities.

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