Planet Background


Thrive as a leader

Learn to work effectively with children, peers and supervisors. Trainees develop skills to succeed as a camp counselor.

Progressive curriculum

Learn educational psychology through instruction and discussion

  • Learn to effectively communicate with others
  • Learn how to help those with special needs
  • Discuss situations that arise to learn the best response
  • Get feedback to build confidence and competence
  • Set daily and weekly goals and monitor your progress

Learn to identify a problem’s root rather than getting distracted by its symptoms

  • Learn to motivate participants
  • Learn how to give praise and deal with persistently negative behavior
  • Discuss problems and brainstorm effective solutions
  • Interview with supervisors about your successes, shortcomings and readiness for promotion
  • Set goals that build upon your previous, continuing to monitor your progress

Learn the qualities of effective leaders and implement their habits personally

  • Discuss teachers and community leaders for real-world insight
  • Navigate self-reflection exercises that empower continuous improvement
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Receive staff reviews
  • Set goals for the future

4 lessons per level & 4 students max

Every session includes 4 lessons with a live instructor. Lesson duration is determined by the number of students: 1 hour for 1 student, plus 20 minutes for each additional student, up to 2 hours for 4 students.

Homework is assigned to solidify understanding, and individual help is provided outside class to complete assignments and progress to the next level.

Clear path to counselor

Lead camper

2 weeks, ages 16+

Observe your cabin leader and assist them with their duties


2 weeks, ages 17+

Take the lead as your cabin leader shadows and mentors you

Junior counselor

6 weeks, ages 18+

Intern with us, serving as cabin co-leader with a lead counselor

Lead counselor

Ages 19+

Serve as cabin leader, supervising campers during activities

1 way to take this course


Ages 10–18

Stay at one of our resorts this summer for hands-on lessons, studio practice and social activities.

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