Planet Background



Develop interpersonal skills to thrive as a leader.


Level up at your own pace – session by session – from beginner to expert.

Learn educational psychology through instruction and discussion.

  • How to motivate and communicate with others
  • How to help those with special needs
  • How to administer praise and deal with persistently negative behavior
  • How to identify a problem’s root rather than getting distracted by its symptoms
  • Observe teachers and community leaders for real-world insight

Shadow and assist a cabin leader as a counselor-in-training.

  • Observe and discuss situations that arise to learn the best response
  • Get feedback to build confidence and competence
  • Set daily and weekly goals and monitor your progress
  • Navigate self-reflection exercises that empower continuous improvement
  • Join peers for learning and social activities during the day

Take the lead as your cabin leader shadows and mentors you.

  • Discuss problems and brainstorm effective solutions
  • Set goals that build upon your previous, continuing to monitor your progress
  • Know the qualities of effective leaders and implement their habits personally
  • Interview with supervisors about your successes, shortcomings and readiness for promotion
  • Join peers for learning and social activities during the day

Become a junior counselor and serve as a cabin leader.

  • Supervise campers for cabin activities
  • Continue learning during the day
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Receive staff reviews
  • Set goals for the future


Our instructors are in possession or pursuit of degrees in related fields.



We use a combination of industry-standard and student-accessible tools.



A 2-dimensional game engine with drag-and-drop editor and event-based logic system.



A simple graphics editor with many of the features of industry-standard Photoshop.


Take this course in a format that fits your schedule.

After school

Ages 9–19

Sign in once a week after school for 90 minutes of learning with a live instructor.

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