Planet Background


Make games functional

Learn to write game code. Game programmers implement a design and import assets to develop a playable game.

Progressive curriculum

Learn the basics as you assemble a platform game then create a game of your own imagination

  • Navigate a game engine
  • Use a visual programming language
  • Import graphics and sounds
  • Keep projects organized

Learn programming concepts as you code fundamental game mechanics

  • Think as a programmer
  • Break down problems into logical steps
  • Write pseudocode in English then translate into code
  • Test and remove errors

Learn object-oriented fundamentals using JavaScript

  • Store data in variables and arrays
  • Do arithmetic and process text
  • Make decisions with conditionals
  • Repeat tasks with loops
  • Reuse code with functions
  • Handle events
  • Use constructors to instantiate objects
  • Use prototypes to inherit features
  • Represent structured data in JSON

Learn to implement games with a team as you focus on code

  • Conduct research
  • Code game logic
  • Practice project management
  • Learn best practices
  • Perform quality assurance testing

4 lessons per level & 4 students max

Every session includes 4 lessons with a live instructor. Lesson duration is determined by the number of students: 1 hour for 1 student, plus 20 minutes for each additional student, up to 2 hours for 4 students.

Homework is assigned to solidify understanding, and individual help is provided outside class to complete assignments and progress to the next level.

User-friendly tools



A 2-dimensional game engine with drag-and-drop editor and event-based logic system.

Microsoft Visual Studio


A popular development environment with built-in support for 36 programming languages.

4 ways to take this course


Ages 10–18

Visit one of our resorts this summer for hands-on lessons, studio practice and social activities.


Ages 10–18

Stay at one of our resorts this summer for hands-on lessons, studio practice and social activities.


Ages 10–18

Go online year-round for hands-on lessons and social activities.

One on one

Ages 10–18

Go online year-round for hands-on lessons.

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