Planet Background


Make games functional

Learn to write game code. Game programmers implement a design and import assets to develop a playable game.

Progressive curriculum

Learn computer programming fundamentals as you code games in various languages

  • Think as a programmer
  • Break down problems into logical steps
  • Write pseudocode in English then translate into code
  • Transition from visual programming to typing your code

Learn best practices as you transition to industry-standard game engines and languages

  • Understand object-oriented programming
  • Navigate game engines
  • Develop multiplayer games
  • Use APIs
  • Test and remove errors

Learn what you need to finish your game project masterpiece

  • Choose your own adventure

Student-centered instruction

Multimedia tutorials with self-paced progression

Challenging exercises to solidify and evaluate understanding

Individual, small group and large team projects spanning sessions or even seasons

One on one help

User-friendly tools



Block-based educational programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab

Roblox (with Lua)


Free-to-play online game platform and game creation system, popular among kids

Minecraft (with Java)


Critically acclaimed and best-selling video game with blocky 3-dimensional world



Interpreted, general-purpose programming language emphasizing code readability

Unity (with C#)


Game engine popular with hobbyists and professionals for 2- and 3-dimensional games



High-level, multi-paradigm programming language and core technology of the Web

Unreal (with C++)


Game engine popular among PC and console games with high graphics capabilities

Ways to take this course

Private lessons

Ages 9–19

Go online year-round for hands-on lessons.

Day camp

As private lessons for ages 9–19

Visit one of our resorts this summer for hands-on lessons, studio practice and social activities.

Overnight camp

As private lessons for ages 9–19

Stay at one of our resorts this summer for hands-on lessons, studio practice and social activities.

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