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STEM camp for kids & teens

STEM summer camps cultivate the necessary curiosity in kids & teens to learn science, technology, engineering, and math using their existing interests. As more jobs become increasingly technology-based, so too does the demand for educating future generations in STEM skills.

A group of kids and teens attending one of Game Camp Nation's stem summer camps.

Develop STEM skills

STEM camps teach these valuable skills through the creation of apps, video games, movies, musical compositions, robots, web sites, YouTube videos, Twitch streams, etc. Sometimes a kid just needs a break from their normal routine (like a week at camp) to give them that light-bulb moment that will fuel their future career as the next great innovator or inventor.

Game Camp Nation focuses on developing STEM skills in kids & teens through the world of video games. Our students get hands-on experience using the latest technology as they learn to code, design games, and create graphic art while turning their ideas into reality. Our experienced instructors guide them through the entire process of creating their own original video game.

Between classes, relax and play an RTS, FPS, or MOBA match as you race, fight, and battle your way to glory on the camp’s leaderboard; then take a swim, shoot some hoops, or play some Magic the Gathering. Held online and at a resort near you!

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