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Tech camp for kids & teens

Tech camps, also known as computer camps, take traditional summer camp activities like swimming, basketball, and cabins and combine them with an education focused on technology. Here you’ll learn to create your own original video games using the latest tech like powerful gaming PCs, virtual reality rigs, and 3D printers.

A student using the latest tech at Game Camp Nation's tech camp.

Learn like a pro

Level-up your passion for tech and pave the way for your future career or hobby. Learn to create games using the same software and hardware that industry professionals use. At Game Camp Nation you’ll learn tech like Blender, Autodesk Maya, Unity, 3D printing, Adobe Photoshop, Construct 3, Piskel, YouTube, and Twitch.

You’ve heard the saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day, well neither was World of Warcraft. So, persevere and stick with us over your summers as we teach you to master your skills. When you’re ready, we’ll help you build-out your portfolio for college applications by showcasing your creations.

Between classes, relax and play an RTS, FPS, or MOBA match as you race, fight, and battle your way to glory on the camp’s leaderboard; then take a swim, shoot some hoops, or play some Magic the Gathering. Held at a resort near you.

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