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Video game camp for kids & teens

Video game summer camp melds modern technology like custom-built gaming PCs, consoles, and virtual reality rigs with traditional camp experiences such as swimming, basketball, and cabins. Design, code, and animate your own video games from scratch using the same methods and tools as industry professionals. It’s a place where kids & teens of all skill levels and diversities can bond over their passion for games.

A group at Game Camp Nation participating in an epic LAN party.

Harness your energy

Harness your energy for video games to fuel your future, strengthen self-confidence and make new friends. Creativity, critical thinking, communication & collaboration: we emphasize the 4Cs needed for success in today’s media-driven world. Receive direct guidance and feedback from an instructor through hands-on projects that spark curiosity and the sense of accomplishment that accelerates transition from hesitation to independence.

With a Nintendo Switch and gaming PC for every camper, you can relax between classes and play an RTS, FPS, or MOBA match as you race, fight, and battle your way to glory on the camp’s leaderboard. After that, take a swim, shoot some hoops, or play some Magic the Gathering. Held online and at a resort near you!

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Millions of kids around the world love video games, but for some, the passion extends far beyond playing.

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No, in fact, I'm completely serious. For the record, my 40-year career has been spent entirely within the camp, sports, and community center worlds…

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