Planet Background

Game design


Design games with engaging mechanics.


Level up at your own pace – session by session – from beginner to expert.

Learn the basics as you assemble a platform game then create a game of your own imagination.

  • Navigate a game engine
  • Use a visual programming language
  • Import graphics and sounds
  • Keep projects organized

Learn programming concepts as you code fundamental game mechanics.

  • Think as a programmer
  • Break down problems into logical steps
  • Write pseudocode in English then translate into code
  • Test and remove errors

Learn design principles as you develop increasingly complex game mechanics.

  • Deconstruct and think critically about games
  • Articulate why games are “fun” or “not fun”
  • Give and take constructive criticism
  • Develop multilevel games
  • Design a user interface

Learn to develop larger projects with a team as you focus on game mechanics.

  • Conduct research
  • Maintain design documents
  • Practice project management
  • Learn best practices
  • Perform quality assurance testing


Our instructors are in possession or pursuit of degrees in related fields.



We use a combination of industry-standard and student-accessible tools.



A 2-dimensional game engine with drag-and-drop editor and event-based logic system.


Take this course in a format that fits your schedule.

Virtual camp

Ages 9–19

Sign in daily for 3 hours of learning and social activities with a live instructor.

After school

Ages 9–19

Sign in once a week after school for 90 minutes of learning with a live instructor.

Private lessons

Ages 9–19

Sign in at your convenience for one-on-one learning with a live instructor.

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